My Work

The actions of external and internal pressures, such as heat, weathering pollution, seismic change, govern the formation of our natural landscape. The fragility of our ecosystem and the world we live in are always hanging in the balance. Any slight change will have a consequence, not necessarily immediately, and not only on our environment, but also on ourselves. I use feet as a universal signifier to connect the idea of our impact, our journeying, and the imprint we make on our landscape daily. By creating feet with surfaces that relate directly to our natural landscape, the work asks you to consider that impact and mark you leave with each and every step. Consider our bodies as being integral to the landscape – not separate.
The emergence of the feet, formed from various clays with rock, organic and man-made materials, brings a rebirth within the materiality, allowing new skins to be re-imagined. By pushing these disparate materials to their limits in the making and firing processes I am reconnecting these actions which we do daily within and to our environment and our natural landscape.